Biobizz Starters Pack – Grow, Bloom, Top-Max, Root-Juice & Bio-Heaven

All nutrients in the BioBizz Starters Pack are 100% Certified Organic by OMRI, EnvirOganic, Clean Green, and the Control Union Organic EU Input Unbeatable. The bundle is ideal for beginner growers.

Base nutrients Bio-Grow and Bio-Bloom will deliver valuable nutrients in the vegetative and flowering stages, while additives Top-Max, Root-Juice, and Bio-Heaven will further ensure healthy growth and quality crops.

Each starter pack contains, along with leaflets and other handy accessories*:

  • BioBizz Bio-Grow – 1 L
  • BioBizz Bio-Bloom – 1 L
  • BioBizz Top-Max – 500 ml
  • BioBizz Root-Juice – 250 ml
  • BioBizz Bio-Heaven – 250 ml