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Advanced Nutrients Organic Products

There is a complete line of Advanced Nutrients organic products. Some of them are certified by the California Department of Food & Agriculture (CDFA) as an Organic Input Material (OIM). “Organic Input Material” means any fertilising material, excluding pesticides, that is to be used in organic crop and food production and that complies with the requirements of the National Organic Program standards. However, the products with the OIM label are currently not available in Europe.

What Is The Difference Between Organic And Mineral Nutrients? 

When talking about organic nutrients and fertilisers, it’s important to note what is the difference between organic and mineral nutrients. 

In short, mineral nutrients are based on mineral elements and feed the plants directly. While organic nutrients are made from natural ingredients (usually derived from living organisms) and feed the substrate, then the substrate feeds the plants.

The Advanced Nutrients organic products’ formulas are made of natural ingredients such as kelp, alfalfa, yeast, freshwater liquid fish hydrolysate, earthworm castings, leonardite, and others. The Advanced Nutrients organic products have been designed in a way that they should be giving you the same results as their mineral-based predecessors. Growers might choose to grow with organic products instead of mineral nutrients if they don’t want to bother too much with pH levels and prefer a more organic taste of crops.

Find out more about the organic Advanced Nutrients product by reading part 4 of our Ultimate Guide to Advanced Nutrients.

Iguana Juice Grow and Bloom – Advanced Nutrients Organic Base Nutrients

What it does: Iguana Juice Grow and Bloom is an all-organic one-part base nutrient. It is rich in micro and macronutrient, vitamins, L-amino acids, and minerals that maximize the plants’ performance during the grow and bloom stages. 

Instructions: For cuttings and seeds, use 1 ml of Iguana Juice Grow per 1 Liter of water. For small plants with three to four sets of leaves, increase the Iguana Juice Grow dosage to 2 ml per Liter of water. Use 4 ml of Iguana Grow per 1 Liter of water during the rest of the weeks of the vegetative phase. Switch over to Iguana Juice Bloom when you enter the blooming phase at a 4 ml per 1 Liter of water.

Big Bud Organic – Advanced Nutrients Organic Bloom Booster


What it does: This is the organic version of Advanced Nutrients flagship product – Big Bud. Just like the original, Big Bud Organic gives richer harvests, bigger, higher-quality flowers and fruits.

Instructions: You use a max of 2 ml of Big Bud Organic per 1 Liter of water for three weeks starting from the second week of the blooming phase.

Bud Candy Organic – Carbohydrate Booster

What it does: Same as the original Bud Candy Bud Candy Organic is a carbohydrate flower booster. It feeds beneficial microbes, enhances the aroma and flavour of crops, improves the size and quality of the fruits in an all-organic way.

Instructions: Apply a maximum of 2 ml of Bud Candy Organic mixed in 1 Liter of water during the blooming phase.

Ancient Earth Organic – Organic Substrate Supplement

Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth Organic
Advanced Nutrients Ancient Earth Organic

What it does: This product combines Advanced Nutrients fulvic and humic acid supplements – Grandma Enggy’s H-2 and F-1 – into a single all-natural nutrient formula made from leonardite. Ancient Earth increases crops’ nutrient uptake, reduces the effects of pH fluctuations and salinity.

Instructions: Use Ancient Earth at a maximum of 2 ml per 1 Liter of water throughout both the growing and blooming cycles.

Sensizym Organic – Organic Substrate Supplement

What it does: Same as the original Sensizym, Sensizym Organic is an enzyme product that can be used to reuse growing media such as coco coir. It turns organic waste and other root zone debris into carbs that boost yields, fuel growth and terpene production. It also prevents root rot and kills harmful fungi and insects. 

Instructions: Use Sensizym Organic at a maximum of 2 ml per 1 Liter of water throughout both the growing and blooming cycles.

Mother Earth Super Tea – Organic Super Tea Blend

Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth Super Tea Organic
Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth Super Tea Organic

What it does: Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth is a rich blend of organic components like chlorophyll-rich alfalfa, earthworm castings and kelp extractions. This organic super tea blend helps maximize growth and yields. Crops get an organic taste and smell, no matter if you are growing in hydroponics, aeroponics, coco or soil.

Instructions: You can Mother Earth Organic at a maximum of 2 ml per 1 Liter of water throughout both the growing and blooming cycles.

Advanced Nutrients Organic Line Recap

To recap, the Advanced Nutrients organic line has all you need for an all-organic garden. Keep in mind that the OIM-labeled bottles are currently only available for purchase in the USA and Canada. 

Iguana Juice is the organic base nutrient – you use the Grow bottle during the veg phase and the Bloom bottle during the flowering phase. In the veg phase, you also add Ancient Earth, Mother Earth and Sensizym Organic. In the flowering phase add the Advanced Nutrients organic bloom booster – Big Bud Organic, Bud Candy organic carbs flower booster, and continue using Ancient Earth, Mother Earth and Sensizym Organic. 

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