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FAQs about Advanced Nutrients: Interview with a Master Grower

“When it comes to growing, you’re essentially God of environment. ” How amazing would it [...]

What is Foliar Feeding & Why Optic Foliar Works

Foliar Feeding Every grower wants to provide the best possible conditions for their crops, and [...]

Growing Tomatoes: Best Fertilisers for Your Tomato Garden

Hello, dear tomato growing fellows. You know better than anyone the special care this summer [...]

Vertical Gardening Made Easy: Maintenance and Care

Ah, it is spring again! Cold but still…  Today, we want to talk about one [...]

The Ultimate Guide To NPK & NPK Fertilisers

NPK is crucial for plants’ health! But what does NPK stand for? Why are certain [...]

CANNABOOST Accelerator 101: When To Use It, Dosage, Feed Chart & More

Have you heard about Holland’s first bloom booster to accelerate plant metabolism? In this week’s [...]

How To Use Biobizz Bio-Grow: Ingredients, Dosage, Instructions & More

Hello there, dear UK gardeners!  Because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from you [...]

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CANNA PK 13/14: What Does It Do & When To Use It

Hello there, UK growers!  If you haven’t read our previous guide about CANNAZYM, check it [...]

Here Is Why You Absolutely Need To Flush Biobizz Organic Nutrients Before Harvest

Hello again, dear UK growers!  In this week’s article we will answer one very important [...]

CANNAZYM: When To Use It, What It Does & Does It Help To Treat and Prevent Root Rot

Hello there, dear gardeners from all over the UK! We have written a few guides [...]

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