UK Gardening Trends & Ideas In 2020

UK Garden Trends and ideas for 2020

2020 will be remembered for years to come. In many countries around the world borders are closed, airports and businesses are shut, schools are cancelled, governments, health officials and celebrities are urging people to practice social distancing and #StayHome. 

While it’s not possible to predict how the world will change in the upcoming months and years, one trend is beginning to stand out in the UK – more and more people are turning to gardening as a way to maintain physical and mental health in these uncertain times. 

If you have suddenly found yourself stuck at home, why not think of it as a new window of time and opportunity for long-awaited change in your garden

In this article, we have compiled a list of UK garden trends for 2020. We hope you will find some inspiration and ideas on how to spend quality time with your family and loved ones, safely in your home.

Gardening For Health & Wellness

Gardening For Physical & Mental Wellness

Gardening for wellness - UK Trends 2020

In 2020, when millions of Brits suddenly found themselves spending more time at home, restricted in their movements, we are starting to see many new gardens popping up in backyards and balconies. 

And that’s no surprise! Spending time in the garden and taking care of plants is one of the recommended leisure time physical activities. According to the WHO it improves cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness, bone health, reduces the risk of NCDs and depression. Moreover, right now gardening is offering a lot of us a mental reprieve from all the negative news and information on the TV, radio and social media. 

If you haven’t started gardening yet, what are you waiting for? Take a look at our shopping and blog sections to find all you need to start gardening today. There is no better time than now.

Growing Your Own Fruits & Veggies

UK Garden Trends - Grow your own fruits and veggies in 2020

Do you ever worry where the fresh food sold in UK grocery stores comes from? Is it sustainably produced and free from pesticides? 

Many Brits are starting to see the benefits of relying on locally sourced food and growing their own fruits and veggies. Having your own edible garden and vegetable patches allows you to always have a supply of fresh produce, lowers your cost of living, and gets you closer to nature.

If you want to start growing your own fruits and vegetables, make sure to check out our previous article: 15+ Immune Boosting Fruits And Veggies To Grow In 2020.

Tiny Herbs Gardens

Small herb containers

More and more homeowners are finding out that growing your own herbs is pretty easy and pays off for months to come throughout summer.

Balcony Gardening

Balcony gardening in UK. Gardening trends 2020.

Getting back to nature requires a little creativity. Not everyone has a huge backyard, but most have balconies. We are starting to see more people interested in turning their balconies into beautifully designed tiny gardens and relaxation areas.

Easy Gardening

Easy growing experience.

Of course, with so many new and inexperienced people interested in gardening, it’s not surprising to see a raise in the demand for “easy gardening” solutions, such as smart pots, multi-purpose gardening tools, and low-maintenance crops like succulents.

More Millennials In The Garden

Millenial in the garden.

Interest in gardening by the Millennial generation (ages 24-39) continues to grow at a higher rate than any other age groups. Millions of people try gardening for the first time each year, and a big percentage of them are millennials. Growing your own flowers, fruits, veggies and treеs is no longer considered an activity only undertaken by elderly people or retirees.

Eco-Friendly & Organic Garden Trends 2020

Organic Gardening

UK garden trends 2020 - Organic growing

The whole world involved in the gardening industry has the desire to be more ecologically responsible. This means less chemical use, more natural repellents, eco-friendly garden tools and equipment, upcycling, peat-free soils, and more. 

One fantastic brand of organic plant nutrients and fertilisers you absolutely should check out is Biobizz.


Composting green waste.

Green waste compost is becoming increasingly popular in sustainable UK gardens. It is a great way to rid yourself of organic waste, enhance the fertility of soil and it is actually quite easy! You can start with a simple cardboard box just like this Reddit user on the GardeningUK forum did.

“No-Dig” Gardening

No-dig gardening is trending in UK in 2020

The recent revision of the Agriculture Bill stresses the importance of “protecting or improving the quality of the soil”, because a soil rich in organic matter and microbial life actively helps reduce carbon in the atmosphere. Many British farmers and gardeners will be looking into ways to reduce their carbon footprint with composting and “no-dig” gardening practices.

“No-dig” gardening ties in nicely with the composting gardening trend, as the compost provides a wonderful supply of the organic mulch you will require.

The idea is that instead of digging up your existing soil, you add organic mulch to the top (about 15 cm or more). This cultivation method allows rich soil to prosper (you don’t disturb any living things in the existing soil) and clears weeds at the same time.

Water Preservation

Water conservation with water butts.

The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that by 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas. Water-saving gardening techniques and solutions are gaining in popularity as Brits become more aware of global climate change and the need for water preservation. 

If you are still not harvesting your own rain water, now is the right time to install a water butt. Not only will this lower your water bills, but rain water is actually more beneficial for plants, lawns, fruit and flowers. It has more nutrients compared to tap water which is often treated with various chemicals.

Attracting Bees, Helpful Insects & Wildlife

Insect-friendly plants and flowers in UK gardens this year.

Gardeners are now planting with the purpose of attracting pollinators and other helpful insects and wildlife. 

The more insects-friendly plants you have, the more wildlife-friendly your garden is. Insects help with food production because plants need pollinators – not just bees. The more flowers you have, the more insects you get. And the more insects you get, the more birds you are getting. Birds not only take care of unwanted spiders in the garden, but their chatter is a lovely sound to wake up to. A lot of Brits are installing bird feeders and baths in hope to attract and keep these beautiful garden helpers. 

Check out this reddit user who made a special corner with Skimmia, Hebe, Buddleja, Prunus, Nepeta, Heuchera to attract more bees.

Biodegradable Pots

Zero-waste gardening trends UK.

With the rise of the zero-waste movement globally, gardeners are finding ways to minimize their waste. For example by composting, picking pots that are biodegradable or made from recycled materials.

Hydroponics & Vertical Gardening

Hydroponics systems

The trends for green walls, vertical gardening and hydroponics continues to gather momentum. Gardeners are making efforts to maximize space and control the results they are getting.  

If you have decided to grow soil-free in 2020, head over to our shopping section. We stock a variety of hydroponics nutrients and fertilizers from top-quality brands.

Sustainable Design & Furniture Garden Trends In 2020

Eco-friendly Rustic Garden Furniture

Gardeners are keenly interested in eco-friendly ways to garden. But that’s not all! They are starting to look at the bigger-picture sustainable practices.

More and more people are starting to think about what kind of furniture they decide to use in their gardens. Although the popular synthetic rattan garden items are considered to not harm the environment, rustic garden furniture and DIY projects are getting back into the UK garden trends in 2020.

Upcycled Garden Furniture And Accessories

Upcycling garden furniture in 2020.

Creating a sustainable garden can be very exciting and creative. From making furniture with old pаllets to creating unique garden solutions from broken pots. Upcycling is getting big!

Solar Light Crafts

Solar Light Crafts - UK garden trends 2020

We are all constantly looking for ways to do the right thing for the planet. Buying a solar panel and building a decentralized electricity system is a huge investment. But many people are starting small – with solar lamps to light up their gardens.

Solar light crafts was one of the top 100 Pinterests trends in 2019. We expect to see even more unique solutions in UK Gardens in 2020.

Spending More Time In The Garden 

Garden Toys & Play Areas

Garden toys and play areas for pets and kids.

Gardens are turning into spaces for both entertaining and relaxing. Currently there is a huge raise in the demand for garden toys. It looks like many Brits will be looking into ways to turn their gardens into play areas for children and pets in 2020. 

Working From The Garden

Home office in the garden.

People are not only looking for ways to make their outdoors spaces more beautiful, but also more functional. 

Our daily routines and the very rhythm of our lives change, including how and when we “go to work”. Millions of Brits are now working from home. And many are finding ways to create outdoor office spaces, instead of feeling trapped between four walls from 9 to 5. Moreover, an outdoor home office also helps separate home and work life.

Outdoors Kitchens

A kitchen in the garden.

This trend is not a surprise as people are now desperate to spend more time outdoors. The creation of outdoors kitchens is climbing up to some of the top 2020 garden trends in Britain. 


Building a treehouse in the backyard in 2020.

Now that parents are encouraged to shelter at home and protect their children’s health and wellbeing, they are looking for ways to keep their kids active, happy and entertained. Guides on DIY treehouses are starting to get a lot of attention. And isn’t this a fantastic project to do with your kids in the safety of your own backyard?

Outdoor Gyms

Working out in your garden this 2020.

Yes, gardens can be more than just a place for plants! Now that gyms are closed, people are trying to stay active at home. Which means that many are looking into ways to create their own backyard gyms. 

Did you like our forecast for the top UK garden trends in 2020? Let us know in the comment section below what you plan to do differently in your garden this year?

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