Biobizz Products Expiration Date Explained

Biobizz Instructions - Production and Expiration Dates

After numerous emails, I directed my team of storks to write the short guide explaining in details on how you can check and understand the expiration dates on any Biobizz nutrients that you have purchased.

Since we are on a truncated time table, please read the information carefully before asking any more questions.

Latest Biobizz Expiration Date Format For Fertilisers

In 2019, Biobizz switched to a new system, due to legality issues in the USA and South America.

In the image below, you can see a real example of the new format.

Biobizz nutrient bottle label with product expiration date
The Biobizz nutrients date of production is located on the front label.

You can find the date of production printed on the center-left side on the front label:


Using it, you can calculate the Biobizz expiration date.

In this format, the first and the last numbers “1” and “9” represent the year of production – 2019. Second and third numbers are “1” and “9” and show the week of production – week 19. The next three numbers “0”,”0″,”1″ list the batch number. To summarize, the particular bottle came out of the Biobizz nutes factory between the 18th and 24th of March, 2019.

According to Biobizz, each liquid nutrient product is 100% functional two and a half years after its production date. After that, it loses between 5 and 10% of its potency.

In our case, the expiration date is between the 9th and 15th of September 2021.

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Older Biobizz Expiration Date Formats

Before the year 2019, each liquid bottle containing Biobizz nutrients had its production date in the following format:


In that format, the first two digits are the product year, in this example 2016, and the next two are the week of production, week 05, and the last three are the batch number. In short, this product came out of the production line during the fifth week in the year 2016. Adding two and a half year will give you the needed expiration date.

How To Store Your Biobizz Nutrients

The Biobizz organic liquid fertilisers need to be stored away from direct sunlight, in a dry, dark place with low humidity. It is recommended the temperature of the room where you store the bottles to be an average of 18 degrees. Do not store your Biobizz fertiliser products in the fridge.

How Long Will Your Products Last Once Opened?

Biobizz fertiliser products are 100% natural and contain high-quality compounds. There are no preservatives in them. Therefore, it is recommend that the products are used quickly once they have been opened to ensure their effectiveness. You should not leave your Biobizz liquid nutrients unsealed or without a lid.

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  1. Mike Jones says:

    Wow that is unbelievably helpful!! Especially with so many sellers on eBay and other similar sites getting rid of very old new stock. Thanks to your help I just found out that the 5 liter bottle of fish mix I got for $40 with shipping is 11 years old. I kind of have to say it serves me right for being a cheapskate though for trying to save a few dollars

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