The Ultimate Guide To Biobizz (PART 4) – Biobizz Reviews (with PHOTOS) & FAQ

Biobizz Reviews and FAQ

Hurrayyyy! You have reached the last part of our Biobizz guide.   

In this last article, we will be answering some of the most frequently asked questions about Biobizz along with the most useful Biobizz reviews you will ever find. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

You want even more information about Biobizz products and how to use them? We are more than happy to help!

We have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions about Biobizz below. 

What’s the Biobizz nutrients expiration date? 

If you haven’t opened your Biobizz products and stored them correctly, the average life is 1-2 years. Since we have been asked this question hundreds of times, we wrote a separate article with detailed guidelines on how to read Biobizz expiration dates.  

How should I store my Biobizz nutrients?

Keep your Biobizz products in a dark, dry place with low humidity and an average room temperature of 18°C. It is recommended that you use the Biobizz products quickly once you have opened them. This will ensure you preserve their effectiveness. Do not leave them unsealed or without a lid.

Should I be using Bio-Grow in the flowering stage? 

It is a common misconception that you should stop using Bio-Grow and switch to Bio-Bloom when the plants enter the flowering stage.

But both Bio-Grow and Bio-Bloom should be used together during the flowering period.  Discover all about it by reading our Ultimate Guide to Biobizz Bio-Grow.

Can I use Biobizz in hydroponics?

Go back to part 2 of our guide to find out if the product you are interested in is suitable for hydroponics. 

Should I use Biobizz nutrients every time I water? 

Yes, Biobizz recommends you add their nutrients every time you water. 

Which Biobizz Products can I use as foliar sprays? 

You can use Alg-A-Mic, Fish-Mix, and Acti-Vera in a foliar solution. If you use one or two of the products, the correct dosage is 1-2 ml per Liter of water of each.

If you use all three products, the maximum recommended dosage is 1 ml per Liter of water of each.

Can I reuse my Biobizz soils? 

Yes, Biobizz soils can be reused, unless they have been in continuous use for more than 6-9 months. Here is how to do it:
1. Remove and discard the top surface layer of soil from the plant pot or bed. 
2. Gently remove the old roots as much as possible.
3. If you have All-Mix: add fresh Pre-Mix (5%) and Worm-Humus (10%), then moisten. If you use a pot, leave it in a warm place for at least one week.
– If you use Light-Mix: simply add 30% of fresh Light-Mix to what is already there. 

Is Biobizz Really 100% Organic? 

Yes, check out the list of Biobizz organic certifications here

What Biobizz products would you recommend for a beginner grower? 

If you are a beginner, any of the Biobizz Try-Packs are a great way to start. 

Do I need to check ppm, ec or pH when growing with Biobizz?

When you mix Biobizz organic nutrients with water, there is no need to check or adjust the pH, but you need to make sure you have microlife. The organic method of growing relies on the microflora in the substrate to transform the nutrients into a suitable form that can be uptaken from the plants. 

Where can I find the Biobizz Feeding Schedule? 

We have shared the official 2020 Biobizz Nutrient Guide in part 3 of our Ultimate Biobizz guide. You can also download it directly from here: Biobizz Resources Downloads.

What are the ingredients in Biobizz products? 

Biobizz nutrients contain 100% organic ingredients. We have listed the ingredients of all Biobizz products here: All You Need To Know About Biobizz Products.

Should I Flush Biobizz?

Yes, absolutely! We even wrote a detailed article on why you need to flush Biobizz and how to properly do it.
Want to find out even more about Biobizz and their products? Check out their official Product Data Sheets.

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Biobizz Reviews (With PHOTOS)

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