Here Is Why You Absolutely Need To Flush Biobizz Organic Nutrients Before Harvest

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Hello again, dear UK growers! 

In this week’s article we will answer one very important question – “do you need to flush Biobizz?”. 

Some of you might be wondering why this is even a matter of discussion… After all, Biobizz fertilisers are 100% organic and organic growing is known as the “no-flush” way of gardening, isn’t it?   

Well… that is not entirely correct and may sound really confusing to the beginner grower.

If you would like to know why you should absolutely be flushing Biobizz organic nutrients before harvest, keep on reading. 

What Does Flushing Your Plants Mean?

Flushing is the process of watering your plants without adding any nutrients for a period of about one to two weeks, depending on your growing medium. There are also some flushing nutrient solutions (such as Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish) typically used by synthetic growers. 

The process of flushing allows plants to use up the nutrients that have already built up within them. As a final result, the level of unused minerals and nutrients is lower and the end product is cleaner, with improved taste and aroma.

Do You Need To Flush Biobizz Before Harvest? – The Short Answer Is…

Although many beginner growers are struggling to understand the point of flushing organic nutrients, the short answer is yes – you need to flush Biobizz. It doesn’t matter if you are growing with synthetic nutrients or organic nutrients, you should always flush before harvest. 

Biobizz said it best – “Organic nutrients are meant for plants, so let’s keep it that way!”.

Do you need to flush Biobizz? Yes, please! Facebook post
Source: Biobizz on Facebook

Now keep on reading to discover why exactly you should be flushing Biobizz fertilisers, what are the benefits of doing it, and how to properly do it. 

Do You Need To Flush Biobizz? – A More Detailed Answer

Some growers believe that “there are no salts in organic nutrients”. Others believe that “there are less salts compared to synthetic nutrients”. And usually those two beliefs are the main reason why many gardeners have the opinion that there is no need to flush organics. 

The truth is that regardless of your grow method (organic or synthetic nutrients) you feed your plants with chemical elements

And although the chemical elements in Biobizz organic nutrients are derived from 100% natural sources, some of them still need to be removed before harvest. That is the only way to be sure you are getting the cleanest, most delicious organic end product

Over the course of a grow cycle, these naturally-derived chemical elements build up in plants and mediums. And since their only purpose is to feed and support the plant while it’s growing, a simple 1-2 weeks of flushing is needed to remove them.

Although the Biobizz nutrients will not leave any flavour in the final product, nor do any harm, if you flush for a week or two, you will force the plant to use up its natural nutrient reserves. And as a result, you will be rewarded with a bigger, tastier, cleaner yield

But don’t worry! When flushing Biobizz you do not need to flush like a typical synthetic nutrient feed. You don’t need to run endless liters of water through the pots or to buy a special flushing solution. 

How To Flush Biobizz?

Biobizz Flushing Nutrients Schedule
It is even written on the official Biobizz nutrients schedule – you need to flush before harvest! (Image source: Biobizz on Facebook)

Now that you know why you need to be flushing your Biobizz grown crops, lets learn how to properly do it! 

  • If you decide to do only 1 week of flushing, water your plants 3 times a week with just water till run-off
  • Alternatively, you can do 2 weeks of flushing. This time you can water with the same amount of water you have given your crops in the weeks before. Do this 2 to 3 times a week
  • Don’t stress if your plants’ leaves start yellowing. This is just a sign that your plants are properly being depleted from nutrients. 

And that’s it! You can now proceed with harvesting your delicious organically grown plants. 🙂 

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