Fabric Grow Bags Or Pots – Which Is The Better Choice?

Grow bags or pots for plants

Using good pots for your plants is essential for the quality and health of your garden. But what is better – fabric grow bags or regular plastic pots? Read this article and find out today.

The Benefits Of Fabric Pots Vs. Plastic And Clay Pots

Bags and pots are both popular alternatives to in-ground gardening. There are a couple of shared benefits of the bags and pots:

  • They are easy to move and reposition. You can start a plan indoors in a pot or bag and later move it outdoors. Then you can change the position of the plant depending on the light or your garden plan. 
  • You don’t need to worry about the soil in your yard and its properties. You can eveн create an outdoor garden if you don’t have any soil in your yard. The plant will get all it needs from the fresh soil and fertilisers you add in the fabric bag or the plastic pot each year. This means that each year you will grow your plants in soil that is free from disease build-up and pests.

At Hydrostork we sell Gronest fabric pots because of the advantages they have over regular plastic and clay pots. See them below:

Better For The Roots

Fabric grow bags have small holes in them that allow free air circulation. This benefits the roots as it allows them to more efficiently absorb water and nutrients from the soil in the pot. In addition to that, when roots are exposed to air in the absence of high humidity, the roots will air prune naturally. When the root of a plant hits an air pocket, the plant will automatically prune the root, creating a side bud. This means that your plant will constantly produce new and healthy branching roots.

Roots will also not grow in circles around the pot. Your plants will have a healthier root system and you will get a more vigorous crop.

Interesting fact: Gronest pots have the “Aqua Breathe” technology. This technology is used to create the geotextile for the pots to achieve optimum strength, durability, aeration, and moisture retention.

Easy To Arrange & Shape

Fabric pots arrangement
Image source – @gronest on Instagram

Fabric pots, in general, are a lot easier to arrange. They come in different widths and heights and their shapes are more versatile and therefore more easily arrangeable than most hard plastic pots and containers. You can shape and arrange them exactly to your needs.

Better Temperature Control

Because of the aeration and heat being released through the porous fabrics, the pots stay cooler than traditional containers.

No Overwatering

Grow bags and overwatering
Image source – @gronest on Facebook

Thanks to the small holes and pores in the fabric, any excess water will drain, thus reducing your chances of overwatering.

But be mindful and water your crops regularly, as there is still a risk of underwatering since the soil can dry out rather quickly.

Environmentally-friendly & Biodegradable

The Gronest pots we sell are washable, can be used for multiple growing seasons and are biodegradable.

They are made from environmentally-friendly, non-toxic textiles from recycled PET bottles.


Unlike some plastic or clay pots, fabric bags will not break under pressure or when dropped. They are also all seasons resistant and will not crack in frost.

Less Storage Room

Grow bags storage
Image source – @gronest on Facebook

Grow bags are easy to store. They can be washed and folded when not in use so you will not need much space in your storage room.

How To Use Fabric Pots

Fabric bags are used similar to how you would use any other plastic, metal, or clay container.

They are filled with soil or a soilless medium. You will need to add the necessary fertilisers and supplements and water a bit more frequently if you notice the soil gets dry too quickly.

Since grow bags come in many sizes, you can plant various vegetables and flowers as well as small to medium-sized trees.

Where To Buy Grow Bags In The UK?

If you are looking to enhance your garden and purchase your first grow bags, head over to our Gronest shopping section now. We deliver all across the UK and for orders over £50 the delivery is free.

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