How To Use Biobizz Bio-Grow: Ingredients, Dosage, Instructions & More

Discover all about Biobizz Bio-Grow dosage, ingredients, NPK, feeding chart & more.

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Because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from you about our previous Biobizz grow guides, this week, we present to you a guide on how to use Biobizz Bio-Grow

Read this article to find out all about the Biobizz Bio-Grow dosage, ingredients, NPK, feeding schedule, and how exactly it benefits your plants in the veg and flowering stages.

What Is Bio-Grow?

Biobizz Bio-Grow : 100% Organic Fertiliser
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Bio-Grow is a 100% organic base nutrient that stimulates plants’ growth in the vegetative and flowering stages

It has five organic certifications and is one of the first products that Biobizz has ever made.

Bio-Grow's organic certificates.
Biobizz Bio-Grow organic certificates (Source:

Biobizz is a leader in the field of organic crop cultivation. This world-recognised Dutch company produces a range of 100% natural products – including potting soil, liquid fertilisers, and substrate enhancers.

Bio-Grow Ingredients

Biobizz Bio-Grow is made from 100% Dutch sugar beet extract (vinasse). 

It mainly consists of molasses, which is a source of sugar, other carbohydrates, natural amino acids, betaine,  Potassium (K), Nitrogen (N), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), and over 70 other trace minerals. 

What Is Molasses?

Molasses in agriculture
Molasses is a by-product produced while extracting sugar from sugar beets. 

Molasses (also known as treacle or black treacle in the UK) is produced during the natural fermentation process of extracting sugar from sugar beets as a syrupy by-product

How Does Molasses Benefit Your Plants? 

Using molasses in the garden is a common practice for organic growers from all around the world. 

It provides plants with energy and food for the healthy soil microbes, thus stimulating the growth of beneficial microorganisms. And if you are new to growing, there is one thing you need to remember – these microorganisms play a vital role in the healthy growth of organic crops. Friendly micro life like fungi and beneficial bacteria do all the “hard work” when it comes to growing organically. 

The molasses in Biobizz Bio-Grow also improves the taste of fruits and vegetables during the flowering period and relieves stress caused by temperature changes or underwatering.

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The Role of Microbes in the Soil

Soil organic matter is composed of microorganisms (“living”), plant residues (“dead”) and humus (“very dead” fractions). 

The decomposition of organic matter serves two functions for the microorganisms and overall plant growth. It provides energy for growth and supplies carbon for the formation of new cells

Unhealthy or tilled soils will release a lower percentage of Nitrogen (N) due to lower microbial activity. And you wouldn’t want this to happen. Nitrogen is one of the macronutrients that serve as a vital building block for your plants’ development. 

Microbes help decompose organic matter, develop a healthy soil structure, cycle nutrients and fertilise the soil. And they need regular supplies of active soil organic matter (microorganisms and plant residues) to survive

Dead plant residues and plant nutrients – like Bio-Grow, which contains molasses – are fantastic food for the microbes in the soil. 

Biobizz Bio-Grow NPK

The NPK of Biobizz Bio-Grow is 4-3-6. 

Note: If you are not located in the UK, the NPK value you see listed on your Bio-Grow label may differ. Some countries require fertiliser manufacturers to write the directly available NPK’s on the bottle. Meanwhile, in Europe, the laws require the label to list the total NPK’s.

How To Use Biobizz Bio-Grow – Dosage and Feeding Chart

You can use Biobizz Bio-Grow in most types of soil and substrate mixtures. 

Contrary to what the name suggests, use Bio-Grow throughout both the vegetative and flowering phases

Biobizz Bio-Grow Dosage

If you are growing with Biobizz All-Mix, apply a maximum dosage of 1 ml of Bio-Grow per 1 Litre of water during the entire growth cycle. 

If you are using Coco-Mix or Light-Mix, start with a maximum of 2 ml per Litre of water in the veg stage. Then increase to 4 ml per Litre in the last weeks of flowering.  

Bio-Grow Feeding Chart

Official Biobizz Bio-Grow feeding schedule.
Official 2020 Biobizz Bio-Grow Feeding Chart (Source:

Start using Bio-Grow every other watering once you see the first leaves and your plant is 10-15 cm high. 

During the flowering stage, use it along with Bio-Bloom. 

Stop feeding your plants 1-2 weeks before harvest time. To find out why you need to flush Biobizz nutrients, read our previous Biobizz grow guide. 

See the detailed Biobizz feeding schedule in part 3 of our ultimate guide to Biobizz nutrients and soils. 

Biobizz Mixing Instructions

Always shake your Bio-Grow bottle well before you start preparing your feeding solution. 

For best results, use your Biobizz feeding solution immediately after mixing with water. 

Never mix your Biobizz fertilisers and nutrients in their concentrated form. Instead, add each fertiliser, booster or additive to the water one by one and stir well in between.

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Biobizz Bio-Grow Frequently Asked Questions

Bio-Grow organic growing to the max by Biobizz
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Can You Use Bio-Grow In Soil, Coco and Hydroponics?

Biobizz has designed its nutrients for use in soil and substrate mixtures. 

The problem with hydroponics systems is that organic products cannot be stable after mixed with water. So if you try adding Bio-Grow in your hydroponics system, it will decompose, and many of the nutrients will not be assimilated. Moreover, there is a risk of fermentation and pipe clogging. 

What Are Some Biobizz Bio-Grow Alternatives? 

An organic alternative to Bio-Grow is Biobizz Fish-Mix, which consists of fish emulsion and organic Dutch sugar beet extract. 

Can I Use Biobizz Fish-Mix Along With Bio-Grow?

It is not recommended to use Bio-Grow and Fish-Mix at the same time. 

If you would like to try both, feed plants with Bio-Grow for the first week of the veg stage, then switch to Fish-Mix. When your plants switch to flowering, go back to using Bio-Grow.

Should I Flush My Crops Grown With Biobizz Bio-Grow? 

Yes, flush your plants for 1-2 weeks before harvest time! Find out how in this detailed guide about flushing Biobizz

What Is The Shelf Life Of Bio-Grow? 

Find out more about Biobizz shelf life, storage conditions and expiration dates in our detailed guide. 

What Other Nutrients & Additives To Use Alongside Bio-Grow?

In the vegetative state, use Bio-Grow along with Root-Juice. For the flowering stage, the perfect trio is Bio-Grow, Bio-Bloom and Top-Max.

You can also add the organic Biobizz booster Bio-Heaven throughout the full growth cycle, which increases mineral uptake by up to 95%. And the activator Acti-Vera, which protects the plant’s immune system, increases germination and metabolism.  

Conclusion: How To Use Biobizz Bio-Grow For Vigorous Organic Growth

Use Bio-Grow from the start of the vegetative phase until the last 1-2 weeks before harvest time. The recommended Bio-Grow dosage is 1-4 ml per 1 Litre of water, depending on your grow medium. Always start with lower mixing ratios and increase as needed. 

Besides providing your plants with essential micro and macronutrients, vitamins, natural amino acids, and betaine, BioBizz Bio-Grow also provides the root zone with a 100% organic source of sugars. These sugars are the ideal food for promoting the growth and development of beneficial bacteria in the soil. As a result, a fertile, healthy soil equals strong, happy, healthy, and thriving organic crops. 

Order a bottle of Biobizz Bio-Grow today and see the power of organic gardening for yourself.

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