CANNA PK 13/14: What Does It Do & When To Use It

when to use CANNA PK 13/14 bigger yields

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If you haven’t read our previous guide about CANNAZYM, check it out to discover more about the power of this enzyme product and why you need to add it to your CANNA feeding schedule. 

This week we bring you a comprehensive article on CANNA PK 13/14. Hope you enjoy it and if you like it, do not forget to share with other UK gardeners who would benefit from finding more about what PK 13/14 does and when to use it.

We are back again with another article about the fantastic additives manufactured by CANNA.

What Is CANNA PK 13/14?

CANNA PK 13/14 is a flowering stimulator high in phosphorus and potassium manufactured by CANNA. PK 13/14 ensures stronger cell formation, the production of enough sugars in the flowering stage, and increases plants osmotic value which improves the volume, weight and taste of your crop.

The 13/14 ratio means that there is 130 g of phosphorus and 140 g of potassium per litre of nutrient formulation when dissolved in water. PK 13/14 is available to the plant quickly and directly.

If you haven’t previously heard about PK 13/14 or CANNA, you are missing out! CANNA is one of the most popular and worldwide-recognized manufacturers of environmentally friendly growing mediums and nutrients. Find out more about CANNA here

Why Do Plants Need Phosphorus and Potassium? 

As you already know, NPK stands for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These are the three essential macronutrients needed by all plants in different amounts throughout the growth cycle

Below we have listed some of the most important roles of Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) in plants growth. 

Phosphorus (P) promotes plants breathing, the formation of roots, and is essential for the formation of flowers and fruits, as it aids the division of cells, growth of new tissue, and energy transmission in plants.

Potassium (K) helps move water and nutrients around in plants, helps plants make strong stems, controls the stomata that the plant uses to absorb carbon dioxide, hydrogen and oxygen from the air, and is responsible for the firmness of cell walls.

More PK In The Flowering Stage? 


The bigger your plants grow, the more nutrients they need in order to sustain themselves. 

And while the requirement of nitrogen (N) throughout a crop’s life cycle remains consistent, your plants require increased amounts of phosphorus and potassium (PK) as they grow and mature. This is why nutrients for flowering contain more P and K than N. 

Check out these videos to find out more about phosphorus and potassium’s role in the flowering stage. 

When to use CANNA PK 13/14 and what it does.

How Does CANNA PK 13/14 Work?

As CANNA wonderfully explains in their videos, in the flowering stage Phosphorus (P) is needed to build and reinforce the cell walls.

Phosphorus builds and reinforces new cell walls.
Phosphorus (P) builds and reinforces the new cell walls. (Image source: CANNA on YouTube)

Then the water compartment in the new cells is filled with Potassium (K). This raises the EC of the plant (a.k.a. the osmotic value).

Potassium raises the osmotic value of the plant.
Potassium (K) raises the osmotic value of the plant. (Image source: CANNA on YouTube)

And as a result, the cell draws in more water from outside and the pressure inside the cell increases.

 Pressure inside plant cells increases
The pressure inside cells increases. (Image source: CANNA on YouTube)

The fruit becomes harder and heavier.

CANNA PK 13/14 Gives you bigger heavier fruits.
(Image source: CANNA on YouTube)

Phosphorus (P) is also needed for the seeds to develop as it aids the transfer and storage of energy which is needed during the reproduction phase for the new seed.

Phosphorus helps the seeds to develop
Phosphorus (P) helps the seeds to develop. (Image source: CANNA on YouTube)

Potassium (K) flows into the fruit which increases its osmotic value inside and it swells in size, volume, and weight. The fruit’s flavour is also influenced positively.

PK 13/14 helps fruits swell in size, volume and weight
Potassium (K) helps fruits swell in size, volume, and weight. (Image source: CANNA on YouTube)

When To Use CANNA PK 13/14? Dosage & Feeding Schedule

You should only use CANNA PK 13/14 when the plants have already developed enough flowers or fruits to need the additional phosphorus and potassium. 

According to the official CANNA Feeding Schedule, PK 13/14 needs to be applied for one week only (3-4 weeks before harvest). 

This is due to the fact that the product is highly concentrated and your plants need time to metabolize the ingredients. In addition to that, your CANNA base nutrients already contain a certain amount of P and K, so to change the PK-ratio, without messing up the N (nitrogen) feed, you add CANNA PK 13/14 for one week.

The recommended ratio is a maximum of 15 ml per 10 Liters of water

Make sure to check out part 2 of our Ultimate Guide To CANNA to find the official feeding schedules.

PK 13/14 Frequently Asked Questions

CANNA PK 13/14 questions
Image source CANNA on Facebook.
Can You Use CANNA PK 13/14 In Soil, Coco and Hydroponics?

Yes! CANNA PK 13/14 is suitable for use in all growing mediums. 

What Other Additives To Use Alongside CANNA PK 13/14?

To maximize the benefits of PK 13/14, make sure to use it along with the rest of CANNA’s additives:

RHIZOTONIC – a root stimulator that helps with root development, increases plants’ strength and disease resistance. 
CANNAZYM – a highly-concentrated enzyme product that targets the source and cause of root binding, dead root material and old cast off. Find out more about CANNAZYM
CANNABOOST – a flower booster that improves the health and metabolism rate of short-cycle plants.

What Are Some CANNA PK 13/14 Alternatives? 

When it comes to NPK, you would want to avoid problems from overfeeding or underfeeding your plants. If you are feeding your plants with CANNA base nutrients, then CANNA PK 13/14 should be your go-to PK booster.  

The only way to ensure the levels of nutrients and minerals are balanced and your plants are getting everything they need in the correct proportion is by sticking with only one brand of fertilisers. Check out this article by CANNA UK, where this issue is thoroughly explained. 

Should I Shake My CANNA PK 13/14 Bottle Before Using It? 

Yes, always shake your PK 13/14 bottle well before use. 

What Is The Shelf Life Of CANNA PK 13/14? 

CANNA promises a shelf life of 5 years with the proper storage conditions. 

How Should I Store My CANNA PK 13/14?

To ensure the maximum shelf life, keep PK 13/14 with the lid on in a dark place and frost-proof place.

Additives To Use Alongside CANNA PK 13/14?

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Conclusion: When To Use CANNA PK 13/14 For Maximum Yields

If you want bigger flowers, more fruit development, and a measurable increase in harvest weight… you need CANNA PK 13/14.

To get the most out of PK 13/14 use it for one week only, about 3-4 weeks before harvest when the plants have already developed enough flowers or fruits to need the additional PK. 

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